Outlined below are examples of some of the more interesting (and possibly challenging!) pieces of work we have managed as consultants.

TUPE or not TUPE?

Following a major maintenance contract win, our client was faced with 120 potential new employees transferring to them under TUPE from 11 outgoing service providers.

Parting is such sweet sorrow …

This was technically complex assignment where we assisted a Partner in a financial investment partnership to extricate herself from both her US partnership position and her UK employment status with the organisation.

It's a fair cop ...

On face value this situation should have been clear. Our client’s Financial Controller had, over a number of months, written out cheques to cash which he had then cashed with his employer’s cash office and pocketed the money.

Organisational design in practice

This was a hugely rewarding project for a large leisure industry group. After several years of difficult trading the objective was to drive up business performance through restructuring the management hierarchy and introducing a clear and simple to use performance management system.

All in a day’s work …

These examples are representative of some of the incidents and issues we assist with as a matter of routine.

Don't do drugs!

A case of drug misuse resulting in the Gross Misconduct dismissal of an employee displaying bizarre and threatening behaviour.

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