Engaged Employees

Employee engagement & welfare

An engaged and committed workforce improves organisational performance and profitability.  It helps in employee retention and creates a positive working environment that people want to be a part of.  Effective employee engagement depends upon establishing a mutually understood psychological contract between the employer and its employees.  It demands trust, confidence, and clarity, and well thought out and honest communication.  Reassurance must be given in difficult times and times of change; and promises must be kept.  This can be achieved by making use of our services in Organisational Design & Performance Management, supplemented by the advice we can provide in communicating both good and bad news.

Measuring how well these intiatives may be working can be easily done through regular employee surveys and monitoring other metrics, such as staff 'churn' and the outputs from 'exit interviews'.  We can manage the process of executing confidential employee surveys and the analysis of their results. 



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