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Disciplinary, grievance & terminations

Disciplinary & Grievance Procedures

Disciplinary and grievance matters needs to be approached carefully and with due consideration of the ACAS Code of Practice.  If the termination of an employee's employment is a potential outcome of a disciplinary process, particular care is needed so that the process is conducted according to 'best practice', a comprehensive written 'paper trail' exists and the fairness of the dismissal would withstand scrutiny at an Employment Tribunal.

We can offer third-party support to organisations dealing with disciplinary and grievance procedures, including:

  • Investigations: investigatory interviews and collation of evidence;
  • Preparation of witness statements;
  • Attending & facilitating disciplinary & grievance meetings;
  • Ensuring that minutes are correctly prepared;
  • Dealing with appeals;
  • Drafting disciplinary and grievance outcome letters.

Settlement agreements

It is often in the best interests of both the employer and the employee concerned to reach an agreement whereby the employment relationship can be brought to an end in a dignified and mutually acceptable manner.  The terms of such a 'parting of the ways' are typically reached within protected conversations between the employee and his or her employer, the terms then being formalised in a mutually legally binding settlement agreement.  We have substantial experience in negotiating such outcomes and can both facilitate discussions and draft appropriate agreements. 

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